- IBM mainframe, cobol, DB2 and Card Application Management System

Business Intelligence - Software Engineering and Database Administration

  • Highly experienced and versatile BI- and Software-Engineer with relevant IT sector experience since 1982 (Cobol DB2 CAMS PEM)
  • Diverse projects in development, data migration, 3rd level support for banking services & industrial production
  • Proven track record of creative problem solving for complex projects & meeting customer needs on time
  • Strong SQL scripting and DB2 Database administration skills (performance, tuning, stored procedures, SPUFI, QMF,etc.)
  • Knowledge and experience with Microsoft Business Intelligence Server and reporting and analyses tools, ETL (MS-SQL 2008r2, SSAS, SSRS, SSIS) and Oracle (SQL, PL/SQL)

Excellent experienced specialist in the following Mainframe Banking Application

  • Cardholder (Issuer) and Merchant (Acquirer) System (CAMS) processing
  • Hogan Advanced Application programming and design under the Umbrella (UMB)
  • Customer Information System (CIS)
  • Sequential and hierarchical database definitions and activities (ACT)
  • Data groups, programs and transactions (DG)
  • Date Services System (DTS)
  • Condition Code Processing (CCP)
  • Debugging under the Umbrella

Dynamic Process Management and Business Rule Engine written under Hogans' Umbrella System (UMB)

  • Process Environment Manager (PEM)
  • Process Control Data (PCD)
  • Comon Data Management Facility (CDMF)
  • Scheduled Processing System (SPS). This SPS language command technique presents a full report system covering Implosions, Explosions, Headings, Totals & Piggyback Reports.
  • Function Processing System (FPS)

Core Focus On Card Application Management System written under Hogan's Umbrella System

Strong it-, database-engineering and business intelligence experience in bank related applications and interfaces, credit- debit and identification- card application (acquiring/issuing) management system plus interfaces to other business related dependencies within Mainframe environment z/OS / DB2 and Microsoft ETL-Tools
Specialized in card business and process engineering

Collaboration with focus on Card Application Management Systems in:

  • Asia
  • Australia
  • Europe

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Core Issuing & Acquiring Processing

Card Management:
  • Authorazitaion- and Transaction-Processing
  • Clearing
  • Ssettlement
Transaction Management:
  • Ordering
  • Personalization
  • Hosting
Card Management fields:
  • Account
  • Dispute
  • Fraud
  • Product
  • Riskmanagement
  • etc.
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